I am Spanish although I am currently living in Luxembourg.

I like reading, photography and I am fond of music, so it’s only natural that I am into good lyrics. I find that the combination image / song / text is a good way to reflect my moods and personal experiences, present and past, and those of the ones around me. I write in this blog for myself, mostly to keep track of what’s going on in my head. But there is some good music in there, and I hope sometimes some interesting images.

As music aficionado, finding a song per day is a good way to keep me up-to-date and give more value to the songs I listen. As photographer I am such a beginner, but feeding images for this blog is a good excuse to practice and get better.

All the pictures in my posts are mine, unless I specify it otherwise in the post.

Do more of the things you like. That’s the spirit.

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