This is a personal blog with several contributors.

We choose one song per day that we like. Or a song that has inspired us. Or a song that says something about our day, our past, our future or the world we live in. Something that touched us. Or just a tune that we liked want to share with you.

Because lyrics matter, we usually present a link to the lyrics page and also an extract of the song’s lyrics that we particularly appreciate.

We sometimes illustrate it with pictures of out own collection, or taken from other sources. If the source is not mentioned, the photo has been taken by the author of the post. The illustration is not mandatory.

Not all the contributors write every day but at least one song per day is ensured.

Sometimes a special event makes us want to share additional songs with you, you will find them under the “special” tag. We also happen to be fond of cover songs so we tag them as “cover”. Acoustic songs are also tagged as “acoustic”.

You can follow us through our Facebook page.


Our playlist is available in Spotify, user voices.in.the.jungle

Other Blogs:

If you happen to like our blog, you may also want to take a look at our blog in Spanish: Voces en la jungla.

Former playlists:

  • VITJ YouTube January-April 2016
  • VITJ Youtube May – August 2016
  • VITJ Youtube September  – December 2016
  • VITJ 2016
Cover photo: image taken from the video ¨Hollow ” by Alice in Chains
  • VITJ 2015 Spotify

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