Sunday, 24th January 2016



Olivia Chaney “There’s not a swain” (Henry Purcell’s song – John Fletcher lyrics)

There’s not a Swain, on the Plain,

would be bless’d like me, oh!

could you but on me smile;

but you appear so severe

that trembling with fear,

my heart goes pit-a-pat, all the while:

When I cry, must I die,

you make no reply, but look shy,

and with a scornful eye

kill me by your cruelty.

Oh! can you be so hard to me?




3 thoughts on “Sunday, 24th January 2016

  1. Farewell to the camera, my dear
    Welcome to the ancient song,
    Carry on with the quest for beauty, and the light
    that will warm our hearts and bury our sorrow.


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